Lenten Reflections – Day 2 Wilderness

When I think about wilderness, I think about the fact that wilderness doesn’t have to be in nature. The idea of wilderness during lent to me is synonymous with burden. When Jesus was wandering the wilderness, his burden was temptation, desire, needs, life. His burden was to become the man he was destined to be;Continue reading “Lenten Reflections – Day 2 Wilderness”

Your Body is a Temple: Practicing Self Care

Are you taking care of yourself? What do you do for “self-care”? These are the questions that I am constantly plagued with. Let me first set the stage as to WHY I get these questions. In a previous post, I shared my schedule – so some of you may have an inkling already. First, IContinue reading “Your Body is a Temple: Practicing Self Care”

All means All – or does it?

My church has becoming a reconciling church. This means we are all inclusive, specifically to the LGBTQiA+ Community. Recently, however, I have been asked does all really mean all? Did Jesus draw a line with those he included? Was there ever any place where Jesus said, “Nope, not you because you are a: _____ (insertContinue reading “All means All – or does it?”

Thoughts and Prayers

I was cruising Facebook yesterday evening, and the first thing on my feed was a friend posting “Seattle friends check in”. My first thought “Shit, what happened now?” Of course I immediately search the internet for what has happened. I’m appalled at the immediate lack of information and attention to this mass shooting. Have weContinue reading “Thoughts and Prayers”

The Least of These

Relationships are important. They are the building blocks of community. They help to break down barriers and judgments. I used to think that starting a new relationship was easier for those who were considered extroverts. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized that extrovert or introvert relates more to our energy around peopleContinue reading “The Least of These”

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